49: Small Data, Big Plans

Episode 49 January 05, 2023 00:37:18
49: Small Data, Big Plans
Heart, Soul & Data
49: Small Data, Big Plans

Jan 05 2023 | 00:37:18


Show Notes

Success with data isn't about having all the resources, it's about being resourceful (thank you, Tony Robbins!). We dive into exactly what this can look like with Joshua Burkhow, Chief Evanglist at Alteryx. It's starts with recognizing that data underlie virtually everything we do, professionally and personally. Nearly all our actions generate some kind of data, every choice or change has data attached to it, somewhere. The first step is becoming aware of the true extent and existance of the data around you.

Once you can see it, then the next steps follow more easily. In fact, the biggest barriers you may face are your own limiting assumptions, such as assuming that you can only work with data if you have a large team of experts. Tools like Alteryx are out there to help empower even "teams" of just one person.

Listen in as Joshua shares examples he's seen of small shops driving big impact with data, and how you can too. 

Joshua Burkhow is the Chief Evanglist at Alteryx, a low-code analytics platform that empowers experts and citizen data workers alike. He brings passion, excitement, and raging optimism to Analytics and Data Science with a nice balance of ensuring he's also an expert and practical solutions-oriented user. He lives in stories and use cases that really drive impact to businesses but have a clear focus on the contributions from people. He loves automation and productivity as a solid foundation to doing bigger and better things. At the end of the day, he has learned to lean on his emotional connection to world of Data and Analytics. It's given him an amazing career and he's seen its practitioners change the world for the better.

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