52: Four Steps to Useful Data with David Mackey and Tim NeCamp

Episode 52 February 02, 2023 00:39:38
52: Four Steps to Useful Data with David Mackey and Tim NeCamp
Heart, Soul & Data
52: Four Steps to Useful Data with David Mackey and Tim NeCamp

Feb 02 2023 | 00:39:38


Show Notes

Great, so you have data! Now how do you make it useful? There is a difference between looking at data and using data. The successful use of data is when an organization is using data to take strategic action related to its goals/direction. Come listen along as Data Bloom co-founders David Mackay and Tim NeCamp discuss their method for making data useful. The four stages they outline are Planning, Collection, Analysis and Reporting and in today's episode they give lots of helpful information on ways to execute each of these stages and common mistakes they see when going through each one. 


David Mackey

David is passionate about working with mission-driven organizations to achieve impact. He has 14 years of professional experience in design, operations, and project management. As a project manager, David guides organizations, teams, and individuals towards a shared goal. He will ensure our work aligns directly with your mission and theory of change. His design experience allows him to think creatively to solve problems with data. This design-thinking has informed David’s belief that everything must be done with purpose. His operations background has shown him how to use data and technology to improve efficiency and implement successful initiatives throughout an organization. David has seen the value of data to inform decision-making throughout his career and is excited that Data Bloom allows him to partner with those making the most impact in the world.

David has a B.S. in Graphic Design from the College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning at the University of Cincinnati.


Tim NeCamp

Tim has spent his adult life seeking out ways to combine his interests in mathematics with his desire to make the world a better place. Tim first fell in love with community development and working with vulnerable populations to create meaningful change through Teach For America as a middle school mathematics teacher in a high-needs school district. While in graduate school, Tim used his statistical knowledge to impact his community by volunteering for Statistics in the Community (STATCOM), an organization that provides free statistical and data consulting for local nonprofits. As a member, project leader, and eventually the president of STATCOM, Tim saw how data thinking and data usage could help community organizations achieve their goals. Tim is excited that Data Bloom allows him to dedicate his time, energy, and resources to continue this work.

Tim has a B.S. in Mathematics from The Ohio State University, a M. Ed. from University of Nevada Las Vegas, and a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Michigan.



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