12: Data-Driven Content with Treasa Edmond

Episode 12 November 18, 2021 00:28:55
12: Data-Driven Content with Treasa Edmond
Heart, Soul & Data
12: Data-Driven Content with Treasa Edmond

Show Notes

What can you learn from a ghost writer about data? Well, when it comes to how to effectively leverage data in copy and content, quite a lot!

Treasa Edmond of Edmond of Edmond Editing and Writing, and creator of the Writing Mindset blog, joined me to explore how to plan out and incorporate data into all the content we produce. Whether for Instagram, YouTube, blogs, or feature films (whatever floats your boat!), you need to choose, collect, weave in the right data to a compelling narrative.

The biggest takeaway? Start small, but get started! Treasa shared a brilliant way to take a first step - poll your audience, volunteer list, or past donors. Ask THEM who they are and what they want to hear about. Then you can both use that data to help guide your content and data strategies as well as put it in some content to share! And as a bonus, you're able to engage your audience and share ownership with them - really, a win-win-win.

Treasa Edmond is a best-selling nonfiction ghostwriter, content strategist, and collaborative writing coach. Her most recent project is launching a community for writers called “The Writing Mindset.” The Writing Mindset supports, inspires, and provides resources for every writer, new and experienced! During her years of writing and editing for clients, Treasa has gained a unique understanding of the mindset required to not only write content that connects with the reader, but also write in a way that enriches the writer. Treasa’s passion for helping others tell their story is equaled only by her love for reading and training her Standard Poodles.

Websites: www.edmondwriting.com   www.thewritingmindset.com

Connect with Treasa on Social Media!

Instagram: @thewritingmindset

Twitter: @treasae

Join her on Facebook at https://facebook.com/groups/thewritingmindset

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