22: Getting Started with Analytics with Julius Bogdan

Episode 22 February 02, 2022 00:36:01
22: Getting Started with Analytics with Julius Bogdan
Heart, Soul & Data
22: Getting Started with Analytics with Julius Bogdan

Feb 02 2022 | 00:36:01


Show Notes

Getting started with analytics in your team or organization can seem incredibly daunting. My guest today shares about both the nitty gritty of the analytic journey as well as the overarching big picture to keep you oriented on where you are going. The good news is that you are most likely not starting from complete ground zero - every organization has data of some kind, whether it's transaction data, client management data, volunteer hours, or something else. After all, everything we do these days creates data. The trick is intentionally harnessing that data to transform.

Before you get started building the next shiny thing, make sure you understand three fundamental pieces of your organization:

  1. Where are you currently? What data and analytics already exist inside your organization?
  2. What is the data culture of your organization or team? What are the current data literacy skills, data decision-making frameworks, and desire for using data?
  3. Are you currently getting decent ROI out of the analytics/data systems that are already in place? Why or why not?

Julius Bogdan is a reformed technologist turned healthcare executive who is passionate about improving health outcomes, equity, and access for everyone. In his current role at HIMSS (Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society), he focuses on digital health transformation, analytics, and driving outcomes through the power of information and technology.

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