43: Assessing Analytic Maturity with Christen Ng

Episode 43 November 11, 2022 00:38:23
43: Assessing Analytic Maturity with Christen Ng
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43: Assessing Analytic Maturity with Christen Ng

Nov 11 2022 | 00:38:23


Show Notes

There's a difference between data maturity and analytics maturity. Data is about the foundation, and analytic maturity is the work to get the insights from data. Maturity is not about fancy tech or how complex things are, it's about consistency. A data organization is mature when they can do all the of activities that are involved in succeeding with data consistently

Analytic maturity and data maturity look different for every organization. Today's guest, Christen Ng, talks to us about analytic maturity and what that means for your organization.


About Christen Ng

Christen Ng joined AVID in 2021 as the Vice President of Technology and Data. She is responsible for leading the Technology Services and PMO teams in bringing the organization’s technology infrastructure, applications, and data/impact strategy to life. She has extensive experience in building systems and resources that leveraged data-driven insights to drive efficacy in many nonprofit segments: healthcare, workforce development, arts education policy, and gender equity/DEI.
She has become highly skilled in organizational performance management, program assessment and evaluation, and outcomes measurement. This expertise has translated to millions of dollars in grants, local and national recognition/awards, changes in Chicago's education policy, program models that have been scaled and replicated, and master class workshops and presentations in sharing proven solutions.
Christen holds an MBA in international business from Webster University and a bachelor’s degree in information systems from DePaul University. She has previously served as Vice President on the board of the United Nations Association of Chicago and volunteered as a mentor for MIT's Solve initiative.

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