57: Mom Lessons for Work with Tasha Van Vlack

Episode 57 April 20, 2023 00:42:32
57: Mom Lessons for Work with Tasha Van Vlack
Heart, Soul & Data
57: Mom Lessons for Work with Tasha Van Vlack

Apr 20 2023 | 00:42:32


Show Notes

“Data is a labor of love”

Children can teach us valuable lessons about work and inspire us to be better workers, and as parents, both Tasha and I can definitely attest to that. In this episode, we talked about how we apply these lessons in marketing, data, supporting non-profits, and more. From sleepless nights to endless battles over wearing underwear, we deep dive into the ways we can lean into research to learn more and become better at what we do, and why it's essential to find balance in learning from the lessons of others and personalizing them to suit your needs.

Tasha Van Vlack is a relationship growth specialist at Yeeboo Digital - where she empowers nonprofits to 'lead with digital' and embrace new marketing, fundraising, and technology practices. When she isn't chatting with nonprofit professionals she spends her time connecting with cool people on LinkedIn, writing content, creating customer journeys, and generally being pulled in ten directions. She is also a proud mom to 3 spirited children who keep her continuously on her toes.

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