59: Using Data While Human - Part 1

Episode 59 May 04, 2023 00:31:13
59: Using Data While Human - Part 1
Heart, Soul & Data
59: Using Data While Human - Part 1

May 04 2023 | 00:31:13


Show Notes

In this two-part episode, you will get a better idea of how we use data as humans and understand how our brains work to analyze the data that we acquire every day in powerful and effective ways and the possible mistakes we might make along the way. Learn more about the four biases and what you can do about them:

  1. Pattern-seeking - What you can do: Triangulate your data
  2. Causality - What you can do: Experiment more
  3. Confirmation bias - What you can do: Ask "What data would change my/your mind?"
  4. Attribution - What you can do: Keep your language within

Knowing these and finding out the signs to look out for and what to do gives us a chance to become better when it comes to decision-making not only at work but also in our personal life.

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